EME works to shape distinctive businesses with unique qualities. We develop cosmetic, beauty, and fashion brands with passion and provide assistance in entering the international market.

Michael z. | President

we are essentia

Essentia Modern Essentials (EME) is the parent company of a wide range of subsidiary companies. As proud and true jack of all trades, we own multiple companies across the technology, eCommerce, and design industries.

We strive to surface business with unique, creative, and innovative products that go beyond a simple market solution – we’re focused on the solutions of tomorrow. In today’s ever changing environment, we grow with our brands. Our extensive expertise spans the areas of branding, advertising, marketing, and design, as well as logistics, operations, and sales.

our roots


We oversee all business operations from our Vancouver headquarters while working closely with our logistics department in the coastal city, Tianjin, China to ensure that our products arrive at their destination on time and on schedule.


We navigate the market first by operating our own eCommerce stores and conducting marketing in-house to guide our clients to ensure that they don’t operate in the dark and have access to the information and resources needed to fulfil their missions.

Essentia meets the market

Throughout our time in business, we have operated in foreign markets and have built strong, long-lasting relationships with multiple suppliers overseas.

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